See our range of classic style of plantation shutters, with a contemporary twist. Shutters are made from a large range of materials, from natural timbers to a selection of synthetic products. Each material type is chosen for its individual characteristics, whether it be durability, warmth, grain pattern, color or suitability for special environments. All materials used are of the highest quality, and are sure to add value and character to your home.

All timbers are sourced from trees planted and grown specifically for the purpose of manufacturing shutters. It is kiln dried to suit the air moisture content of the intended destination before manufacture to ensure stability upon installation. 

With traditional Tilt-bar or concealed tilt rod systems, these Shutters are designed to make a style statement in any environment.

The hidden operating system creates strong clean lines and unobstructed views looking out. Designed with attention to detail, including features such as smooth elliptical louvres in a range of sizes and colours, these shutters will really make an impact.

Product details

  • Colours available: 84 Colors available
  • Water resistant, colourfast, dent and scratch resistant
  • Suitable for windows, doors, room dividers and wardrobes

Elliptical louvre sizes

  • Small: 64mm
  • Medium: 89mm
  • Large: 114mm


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